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Peanut Lake

I walk up to the top of the hill to Peanut Lake Hill Pond often. The reflections in the pond are always offering different views of the trees and sky. I feel like a painter framing the magic. It never gets old. I take pictures from different sides where the sun is reflecting. This, here,Continue reading “Peanut Lake”

Selling England by the Pound

Hi friends, Listening to Selling England by the Pound by Genesis tonight. Music from 1973. Check it out. Mellotrons and prog synths, acoustic and rock guitars, flutes and frenetic drumming grooves by Phil Collins. It’s an all around masterpiece in n my opinion. Peter Gabriel is an incredibly expressive singer and master of the drama.Continue reading “Selling England by the Pound”

Biden for Prez

I watched Joe Biden last night. His speech was my first formal introduction to him personally and politically. I learned much about his life, his childhood, his family and his tragedies.This man is extremely likeable. Without a doubt, he will do his best to help heal the United States. It was a heartfelt speech thatContinue reading “Biden for Prez”

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