Biden for Prez

I watched Joe Biden last night. His speech was my first formal introduction to him personally and politically. I learned much about his life, his childhood, his family and his tragedies.
This man is extremely likeable. Without a doubt, he will do his best to help heal the United States. It was a heartfelt speech that gave me satisfaction on a moral level. I wanted Bernie. But, Joe Biden has my vote my friends. Time to end the Trump chapter in American History. He couldn’t handle the job. You gotta work. It’s not all about appearances and name calling. Just make it stop. I hate to see the vulgarity, name calling and nastiness. It’s just bullying.

Biden and Kamala 2020 people!! Vote Blue!

Time for something else.. These two have roots and get democracy.

Published by tedfalconmusicman

Violinist, mandolinist and guitarist living in Los Angeles, California and specializing in Brazilian choro music and Gypsy Jazz.

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