Selling England by the Pound

Hi friends,

Listening to Selling England by the Pound by Genesis tonight. Music from 1973. Check it out. Mellotrons and prog synths, acoustic and rock guitars, flutes and frenetic drumming grooves by Phil Collins. It’s an all around masterpiece in n my opinion.

Peter Gabriel is an incredibly expressive singer and master of the drama. These songs from the early days of Genesis have great melodies, lyrics and imagination remnant of the times of King Crimson. Pink Floyd and Yes. Put it on your playlist for sure. They had so much creative energy back then. It was all about the music.

A few months ago I shared some of my favorite recordings..I never finished it. Here’s today’s offering. Stay well and keep listening to your favorite music.

Published by tedfalconmusicman

Violinist, mandolinist and guitarist living in Los Angeles, California and specializing in Brazilian choro music and Gypsy Jazz.

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