Estéban guitar

Have you ever heard of Estéban?
Well, I ended up with an Estéban guitar recently.

How’d I get it? Well, I have a funny story for you, friend.

When my father moved from Allentown to Los Angeles, he insisted on bringing all his musical possessions. We paid a moving company to bring all of my Dad’s stuff to town. On inspection of all his beat up old amps and guitars, I found a dingy old classical guitar. I thought it would be handy to leave at work, so I wouldn’t need to bring a guitar each time to teach. I specifically remember the pride my Dad had when explaining to me that he bought the guitar for only $6.00 at a garage sale.. With case! Great deal! Haha!

The other day when I went to tune it, the tuner crumbled to pieces in my fingers. On inspection, I could see that each side of the guitar had a different set of tuners. This was definitely the handy work of my Dad. He could fix most things with force and super glue. Anyway, I called my friend John Heaney, who fixes all my stuff to see if he could help me. John recalled seeing Esteban informercials on the Home Shopping Network in the 90’s, selling his guitars and fake-flamenco to late night audiences. I had forgotten about that, but vaguely remember now. Before there was and the internet, people bought stuff from TV informercials.

I shared this dazzling tale with my kids last night, and how such a possession ended up in our abode. Passing of the guard. From a TV informercial to a garage sale, to my father and now to me, across the country. One day my kids will inherit this prized family gem. Ahh, how did a crappy guitar make it so far?

P.S. We were only able to stand 4 of the 5 minutes of the video, which I believe is an accomplishment within itself.

Published by tedfalconmusicman

Violinist, mandolinist and guitarist living in Los Angeles, California and specializing in Brazilian choro music and Gypsy Jazz.

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