Ted Falcon at the ASTA Conference

Performing with Catherine Bent at the ASTA, American String Teacher Association Conference in Orlando on Friday, March 17th at 10:15am. Presenting a workshop about Brazilian Choro to string teachers and students on Saturday, March 18th at 8:15am.

Expanding your Ensemble’s Diversity with Brazilian Choro!


Come to Brazil and learn how to play Choro! Choro is best described in American terms as “the New Orleans jazz of Brazil.” It is a complex popular musical form based on improvisation, and like New Orleans jazz, blues, or ragtime, grew from a formalized musical structure and many worldly influences. It is upbeat and fun music that has become increasingly popular in the U.S in the last 20 years. Join us! All instruments welcome!

Focus Areas: Eclectic Styles, Community Music

Presenter: Ted Falcon, Silverlake Conservatory of Music

Published by tedfalconmusicman

Violinist, mandolinist and educator living in Los Angeles, California and specializing in Brazilian choro music and Gypsy Jazz.

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