The Lamb lies down on Broadway – a funny story about Rael

I was listening to the Lamb Lies down on Broadway by Genesis today. The lyrics are very poetic. Peter Gabriel era…1974.

Anyway, there’s a passage in the song that says:

Suspension cracked on unmade road
The Trucker’s eyes read overload
And out on the subway
Rael imperial aerosol kid
Exits into daylight
Spray gun hid
And the lamb lies down on broadway…

I wondered what Rael meant… so I looked it up online and ended up on Wikipedia.

Anyone ever heard of Rael, leader of an international UFO religion? Man, I thought I had heard it all… Read on if this is interesting to you. Scroll on if not… I found it amusing.

The Raëlian messages
Further information: History of Raëlism
According to the book Le Livre qui dit la vérité (“The Book Which Tells the Truth”), Vorilhon had an alien visitation on 13 December 1973. In a secluded area within a French volcanic crater, an extraterrestrial being came out of a craft that had descended gently from the sky, and told him, in French, that he had come for the sole purpose of meeting with him. Raël said that he was given a message by this alien and told that it was his mission to pass this message on to the people of Earth.

The book states that advanced human scientists from another planet with 25,000 years of scientific advances created all life on Earth through DNA manipulation. These scientists, Raël said, were originally called Elohim or “those who came from the sky”. He wrote that some forty prophets in Earth’s history were sent by Elohim, but their messages were distorted by humans, largely because of the difference in the level of civilization between the advanced race and Earth’s primitive one.

Raël said he was given the mission of informing the world of humanity’s origins in anticipation of the return of these extraterrestrials by building a residential embassy in neutral territory. He stated that certain mysteries were explained to him based on new interpretations of sacred texts such as the Bible. He said that, on 7 October 1975, he was contacted by one of the Elohim, who took him to another planet to meet Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. He stated that his second book, Les extra-terrestres m’ont emmené sur leur planète (“Extraterrestrials Took Me To Their Planet”), relates the teaching he received from these people. In this book, Raël describes harmonious and peaceable beings, who were free of money, sickness, and war.

In 1974, Raël decided to give up his automobile magazine, Autopop. That September, the last issue, number 34, was published. Raël then devoted himself to the task he said was given by his “biological father”, an extraterrestrial named Yahweh. Shortly after a first public conference, Raël founded MADECH – a group of people interested in helping him in his task, which later became the International Raëlian Movement.ël