My Hermeto Pascoal story

I was remembering that time I played with Hermeto Pascoal in Brasília in 2012. We talked backstage about the tunes I wanted to play. When I got to the stage, Hermeto says, “Let’s play one of your songs”. There’s a full house in Teatro Nacional Villa Lobos. I say, “You mean, let’s play one ofContinue reading “My Hermeto Pascoal story”

The Lamb lies down on Broadway – a funny story about Rael

I was listening to the Lamb Lies down on Broadway by Genesis today. The lyrics are very poetic. Peter Gabriel era…1974. Anyway, there’s a passage in the song that says: Suspension cracked on unmade roadThe Trucker’s eyes read overloadAnd out on the subwayRael imperial aerosol kidExits into daylightSpray gun hidAnd the lamb lies down onContinue reading “The Lamb lies down on Broadway – a funny story about Rael”